Sewer Pipe Failures

SewerGard Free with Every Inspection

Free with Every Inspection


It’s not something you want to think about, but the water pipes that bring water to your home and carry waste water away from your house can and do fail. And they seem to fail at the worst possible time. That’s why we provide FREE 90 Day coverage, called SewerGard, for these underground pipes with every inspection at Certified Home & Commericial Inspections. It covers up to $4,000 of repair cost.

Please note: Many homeowner’s insurance policies and home warranties DO NOT include the sewer lines outside of your house. One home warranty that DOES include coverage for these sewer lines is the “simple” home warranty from Residential Warranty Services.

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Home Buying Tips

Once you’ve found a home that you’re seriously considering, you’ll want to find the right inspector. Here are some questions to ask about a potential inspector and why Certified Home & Commercial Inspections, LLC  is the right choice:

  • What certifications does the inspector have? Is the inspector a member of a certified inspection organization?
  • What kind of experience does the inspector have?
  • How well does the inspector know the local community and area?
  • Does the inspector carry E&O insurance?
  • How well does the inspector know the construction of the homes in the area?
  • How many years has the inspector been involved with and a member of the community?

Keith has all the experience, years of service, certifications, insurance, and local knowledge to make Certified Home & Commercial Inspections, LLC  the company you can trust.

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Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Beginning January 1, 2014, these alarms are now required in all homes and condos when they are purchased. Carbon Monoxide alarms have been required in all new homes since 2011 in the State of Washington.
Placement of these alarms is key to preventing health issues. They are to be placed outside each separate sleeping area on each level of a residence. Be sure to change the batteries annually, even if your alarm is wired to the electrical supply, it will need those back up batteries in case of a power outage.
Like smoke detectors, this is an easy but very important safety issue. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, invisible gas that can cause death when breathed in a matter of minutes.

For this reason, Keith Schenk with Certified Home & Commercial Inspections always checks for carbon monoxide alarms as well as smoke detectors and includes this information in his inspection reports.

This diagram illustrates proper placement of carbon monoxide alarms in a home as well as sources of Carbon Monoxide commonly found in homes.

Proper Placement of Alarms

Proper Placement of Alarms provided by First Alert

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With the housing market starting to show signs of life the need for a Certified Home Inspector have never been greater!

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