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Inspections performed by Keith Schenk for your home purchase in and around the Mount Vernon area will ease your concerns as a home buyer and allow you to buy with confidence. You will have the assurance of knowing that a thorough inspection has been done on the home you want to purchase!

Why a home inspection?
Buying a house is not only one of the largest purchases you will ever make but also one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. No house is perfect, and often times the problems are not obvious. Knowledge is power so the more you know about a house, the you will be prepared to make a decision As a qualified inspector Keith’s job is to report the condition of the components of the home to you as a buyer. You can be assured that he will report the facts correctly and directly to you. Once you have the facts, you can proceed with confidence!

What is a home inspection?
A home inspection is like a snapshot of the house on the day it is being inspected or in other words a visual analysis of the physical structure and systems of a home. It includes evaluating and reporting the condition of the components of the home. The report you receive will cover both the exterior and interior of the house. To see a list of items that are inspected click HERE.

What does a report include?
Reports include a comprehensive list of all inspected items. They are clear and easy to understand. Quality photos are included in the report to show specific conditions of the home. The reports are either hand-delivered or sent via email. To see a sample report for a home done in the Mount Vernon area click HERE.

***HELP*** What do I do after the inspection?
After a thorough inspection by Keith, you will know what you are really getting into and can more comfortably decide if you want to purchase the home. A home inspection may bring up issues that can be resolved a variety of ways: having sellers repair damaged property prior to your purchasing the home, or going into your new home with an idea if anything still needs to be done, allowing you to budget in advance for any repairs that may be needed.

Why shouldn’t I just do it myself?
Great question – we thought you’d never ask! The truth is, when it comes down to making a big investment, the more you know about your home the better off you will be. The typical purchaser of a home does not have the experience or understanding of each component of the house. Asking a relative to do the inspection may result in them missing information and could potentially put you in an awkward situation. Making a mistake on the condition of a roof could cost thousands of dollars.
It is important for you to be accurately/correctly informed of the condition of the home. Keith inspects each business or home in accordance with Washington state standards of practice. He has performed thousands of home and commercial inspections in Mount Vernon and surrounding areas and encourages the buyers to be present at the inspection. This allows him to point out different concerns with the home and educate buyers on issues they often are unaware of.

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